Who Am I?

Patrick Stephan I am a self taught web developer. My career started with simple websites and progressed as I learned Flash Actionscript 3, PHP, MySQL and Javascript. Programming became a large part of my life when I read "PHP & MySQL for Dummies". I started off building applications in the late 00's on completely procedural code. I slowly started getting better as I followed other developers on Twitter and learned the CodeIgniter and Laravel PHP frameworks, and the AngularJS and Vue.js Javascript frameworks.

I live in the St Louis, Missouri area, go to church regularly, and love to spend time with my wife, Mandy, and baby girl, Abigail. I also enjoy amateur photography, the outdoors, and international cuisines.

What do I do?

I am a full time developer. I currently work for Metrogistics, a vehicle transportation brokerage company, where I help build and maintain all of the company's internal applications. I specialize in building web based applications with Laravel and Vue.JS and I really enjoy building SPAs (single page applications).

I have worked for a couple of web development firms in the past: BluSolutions, an agency specializing in car dealership websites, and Divine Design (now ProChurch), an agency specializing in church websites.